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  • Photo of a digital front to choose medical options, with a blurry nurse in the background choosing the central option.
    12/09/2022 0 Comments
    Top 5 Benefits of Critical Illness Insurance

    Critical illness insurance should be at the top of every Canadian's mind as they age into their twenties and beyond. That's because close to half (44 percent) suffer from some type of chronic disease. 
    So, what is critical illness insurance? It's a type of coverage that pays one lump sum, no questions asked, upon confirmation of diagnosis. There are five big advantages to it.

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  • Disability Insurance Form over a wooden table with a pen, glasses, and books around.
    31/05/2022 0 Comments
    Things You Should Know About Disability Insurance: A Guide

    Have you thought about your risk of becoming disabled and not being able to work? Mental health issues account for about 30 percent of Canadian disability insurance claims. Other examples include heart disease, cancer, back injuries, and other illnesses.

    Many disability claims result from injuries that happen on the job. In fact, 65,664 workers in Ontario during 2019 lost work time due to injuries.

    Have you enrolled in a disability insurance plan? Do you have enough savings to pay your expenses for about 34 months? This is the time frame for most long-term disability claims.

    If you answered "no," it’s time to consider your options. Having a solid plan can help avoid financial hardship for you and your family. It also decreases the added stress of foreclosures or bankruptcy.

    Keep reading to learn more about disability insurance.


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  • Commercial Insurance Policy Form with a chrome dice on top
    01/03/2022 0 Comments
    6 Benefits of Getting Commercial Insurance for Your Business

    Picture two scenarios: one entrepreneur chooses business insurance, and the other does not. In comes the Canadian winter with heavy blizzards and snowstorms galore.

    Which business do you think emerged from the incident unscathed?

    If you guessed the entrepreneur with a commercial insurance policy, you'd be right. There are innumerable advantages to getting commercial insurance - and they're not all winter-related either.
    Keep reading to find out the six benefits of choosing business insurance today.


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  • Aerial photo of a wooden table with a computer, calculator, some notebooks and hands working on it. On the right center side of the photo there’s a writing saying Home Insurance with a blue house on top.
    29/12/2021 0 Comments
    How Renovations Can Affect Your Home Insurance: A Guide

    Are you curious if renovations might affect your home insurance? When it comes to renovations to your home, you're not only changing the things you like about your house. You're also potentially changing the value, and policies for your home insurance may be different.

    If you're about to make changes to your home, read this guide first. In this article, we are talking about how renovations can affect your home insurance.


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  • Renters insurance policy sheet over a wooden table with a calculator and keys on the side.
    21/10/2021 0 Comments
    How Can Renters Insurance Protect You?

    Insurance is a way of investing in the security of your home. As a renter, you may not feel the sense of protectiveness that comes with "ownership", however seeking out renters insurance is still necessary.

    Many rental properties require that prospective residents get their own renters’ insurance. Although this insurance is often mandatory, renters have many choices when it comes to picking what coverage and the insurance company they want.

    Keep reading to learn more about what kind of rental insurance is best for your needs.

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  • Woman’s hands circling around a paper structure of people holding hands. Representing Health Insurance.
    21/10/2021 0 Comments
    5 Things to Know About Unemployment Health Insurance

    In August 2021, the unemployment rate in Canada was 7.1 percent. While the numbers are improving, there remain countless Canadians that are unemployed and need health insurance coverage.

    Your healthcare needs don't stop when you're unemployed, but thankfully there are options to help people who have been unemployed for both short and long periods of time.

    Continue reading to find out what you can do to obtain or improve your unemployment health insurance.


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  • 30/06/2021 0 Comments
    Is Life Insurance a Good Investment?

    You may look at Vaughan as your home and place to start your life.


    However, if you are interested in setting down roots, start investing in life insurance in Vaughan as soon as you can. Looking for a local life insurance provider can allow you to familiarize yourself with a specialty life insurance policy. 


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  • 30/06/2021 0 Comments
    The New Reality for Car Insurance in Ontario

    Did COVID-19 put raise auto insurance premiums?


    The new reality for auto insurance in Canada includes unreasonably high insurance rates. Some of the lowest premiums can currently be found in Vaughan, Ontario, and even those aren't ideal.


    Even with COVID-19 relief measures, many drivers found themselves with a large rise in insurance costs.  


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  • Health Insurance
    29/05/2020 0 Comments
    Five Essential Tips to Know Before Buying Health Insurance

    Health insurance is one of the most important financial investments in your life. But, because of the complex nature of insurance policies, choosing a policy is often a daunting decision. The endless clauses infused with jargon and seemingly infinite options to choose from are all a part of this essential step to safeguard yourself and your family from potential health issues.

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  • Health Insurance
    29/05/2020 0 Comments
    Benefits of Having Health Insurance

    Health insurance protects your savings if you face serious health issues. As a result, you are not burdened with preventive care or medical bills. You get comprehensive coverage for various medical expenses such as pre and post hospitalization, ambulance and domiciliary services. Ken Maynard Insurance Brokers helps you find the most suitable health insurance for your current situation. Our policy plans cover a myriad of health concerns ranging from long-term medical issues to accidental health concerns.

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  • Personal Insurance
    13/12/2019 0 Comments
    Why Do You Need Personal Insurance?

    Personal insurance is a means to protect you and your family from different types of personal risks. Our lives are spent building a secure financial footing for ourselves and our loved ones. Accidents or disasters can strike anytime, leaving you in financial ruin if you are not prepared. Insurance is a contract that is represented by a policy where you receive reimbursement or financial protection against losses. KenMaynard Insurance Brokers can offer fair and prompt handling of your claims along with assistance in handling complex forms or policy details.

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  • Life Insurance
    13/12/2019 0 Comments
    Tips to Buy Life Insurance

    Life insurance is a vital part of your family’s stability as it can offer a ‘financial cushion’ in the event of an unfortunate incident. Not many know what to look for while buying life insurance and it can get more confusing with the numerous available policies in the market. There are many things to consider, from the kind of coverage you need to the advantages of different insurance policies.

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  • Home Renovation and Home Insurance in Woodbridge Ontario
    26/01/2017 0 Comments
    How Renovations Can Affect Your Home Insurance

    One important aspect of home renovation projects, which is not discussed as often as it should be, is how renovations can affect your home insurance. Many homeowners go into a renovation with the misconception that their home insurance premiums won't be affected at all. The Woodbridge and Vaughan home insurance brokers at Ken Maynard Insurance Brokers want homeowners to know that they need to revisit their policy before starting on renovations.

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  • Car Insurance
    07/10/2016 0 Comments
    How Lending Your Car Can Impact Your Car Insurance

    If a friend asks to borrow your car, you may be tempted to agree and hand over the keys. There are, however, some car insurance risks that you need to be aware of before letting someone else get behind the wheel of your vehicle. Take it from the car insurance brokers at Ken Maynard Insurance Brokers Ltd.: while there's nothing wrong with wanting to lend your car to a friend you trust, you should give it some thought first.

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