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Turn to Us for Car Insurance in Vaughan and Richmond Hill

Automobile insurance can be complex and difficult to understand, and it's not always simple to choose the best policy. Ken Maynard Insurance Brokers Ltd. will work with you and help you to consider every little detail - from legal insurance requirements, optional coverage, deductible choices and different levels of coverage. We will gladly answer your questions about your car insurance in Vaughan and Richmond Hill. Our insurance experts can advise you about the policy that is best for your individual vehicles and the drivers in your household. Book an appointment to discuss your specific coverage with us. We would love to assist you in finding options that ensure your security and work for your budget. For the right car insurance in Woodbridge, Vaughan and Richmond Hill, get in touch with Ken Maynard Insurance Brokers Ltd. right away!

​​What Does Auto Insurance Do for Me?

Automobile and car insurance basically helps protect you from financial hardship and legal troubles. Depending on your personal situation, you have a lot riding on being adequately covered every time your vehicle is on the road. Here are some questions that show why you need car insurance:

  • Do you have the extra money to pay up front for auto body repairs or property damage?

  • Do you have a teen driver at home? 

  • Do you drive a lot in the ice and snow of Ontario winters? 

  • What would you do if your driver’s licence was suspended for one year on top of a $5,000 fine?

Most Common Auto Coverage

There are several types of auto insurance coverage that can be customized according to your needs and preferences. Some of them include:



This coverage, sometimes called "apart from collision," can cover costs for damage to your car caused by vandalism, theft, severe weather, or accidents that involve animals.


Collision insurance can cover damage to your car irrespective of who is at blame. If you collide with another vehicle or item, another vehicle collides with you, or your vehicle falls over.

Roadside assistance

While you and your family members are commuters in somebody else's car or when your vehicle is damaged on the road, roadside assistance insurance may be offered.

Gap coverage

Difference insurance may be able to assist you in filling the gap between what you owe on your car and its current market value.

Uninsured driver

Uninsured driver coverage pays for loss and healthcare costs for you and your passenger if an uninsured driver is responsible for the accident causing property damage or physical harm.


Liability for bodily injury

Bodily injury insurance covers the costs of any losses you may be legally responsible for due to the accident, such as medical expenses and lost revenue for the injured person.

What Auto Insurance Must I Have in Ontario?

It is financially and legally costly if you are caught driving without auto insurance in Ontario. (See the last question above.) Provincial law requires drivers to have at least the minimum coverage. Ken Maynard Insurance Brokers Ltd. will ensure you have the mandatory auto insurance for your vehicle in Vaughan and Richmond Hill to cover damages and injuries you or others may experience in an accident or collision, such as:

  • Minimum third-party liability coverage of $200,000

  • Accident benefits for financial support in cases of injury or death

  • Uninsured automobile coverage 

  • Direct compensation – property damage (DCPD) coverage for your vehicle

What Is No-Fault Insurance?

Fault for an auto accident will be determined between 0 and 100%. No-fault insurance makes the difference that your insurance company will pay your claim, and the other driver’s insurance will pay theirs. You can avoid the hassle of pursuing the at-fault driver’s insurer to get your compensation. Instead, your own provider pays out your benefits, which usually makes claim payments easier. You can get quicker and more convenient service so that you can have your vehicle repaired more quickly. No-fault insurance doesn’t release drivers from responsibility - who’s at fault in an accident still matters. If you’re found at fault, it will go on your record and your premium rates still might increase.

How Can I Decrease My Auto Insurance Rates and Deductibles?

Our local independent insurance broker in Vaughan and RIchmond Hill, who has access to various companies and policies, can help you find ways to decrease the rates and deductibles on your car insurance. Rather than trying to plug in information on a website, you can personally review the coverage you need according to your particular conditions. Ken Maynard Insurance Brokers Ltd. is here to find savings for you such as:

  • Having a good driving record and being accident-free

  • Being in a certain age group

  • Living and driving in areas with low claim rates

  • Dropping other drivers from your insurance

  • Bundling your auto insurance with other policies


Frequently Asked Questions

Ken Maynard Insurance Brokers Ltd. has provided high-quality and personalised insurance services to residents and consumers across Vaughan and Richmond Hill for almost six decades. Here are some questions we are most commonly asked by our customers when it comes to car insurance:

How Do Insurance Providers Determine Policy Premiums?

Policy premiums are based on a long list of variables, such as your age, commute, driving record, make, model, horsepower rating and safety features of your vehicle.

Can a Good Credit Score Help Me Save on My Car Insurance? How Does Bad Credit Influence My Premium Rate?

Each province and territory in Canada has a different set of rules with regard to auto insurers accessing your credit score. Some provinces have no regulations at all, while in some provinces, auto insurers are banned from referring to your credit history to underwrite your policy. In others, an insurer can access this information with the consumer’s consent.

Wherever it is legal for auto insurers to assess your credit score, they may take your credit information into account while determining your premium rate. Though, not all will do this.

What's the Best Time to Start Shopping for Insurance?

Although, you don’t have to wait until your policy is close to expiring, you could start shopping for new rates a few weeks before your renewal date. Your auto insurance provider will send you paperwork as and when that is around the corner. Even though insurance rates are not determined by the free market it’s good to be aware of what’s out there at any point of your contract. Each company uses its own claims history to set rates with provincial governments having a major hand in regulating rates.

Do I Contact the Broker That Sold Me the Policy or the Insurance Company to Make a Claim or Change My Auto Insurance Policy?

You should file your claim through the broker you purchased the policy from. Your broker’s job is to act as your advocate should the insurance company try to dispute your claim. If you need to file a claim, contact your broker immediately! He will help you gather all the information you need to make the report and submit it to the insurance company.

Please feel free to give us a call in case you have any more questions. Our brokers will be happy to attend to you and give you all the information you need on our insurance plans, policies and premiums.

Contact Us

If you are looking for safe and convenient car insurance plans, look no further than Ken Maynard Insurance Brokers Ltd. Reach out to us to know all about our comprehensive range of dependable insurance services and products to fulfil a wide range of requirements. We also offer a range of other insurance services across Vaughan and Richmond Hill. If you need advice or guidance before making a choice, we are here for you. Speak to us now, and we will be happy to help.

Have Questions about Car Insurance in Vaughan and Richmond Hill?

Do not worry! We will be happy to answer each one of them.

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