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Benefits of Having Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Health insurance protects your savings if you face serious health issues. As a result, you are not burdened with preventive care or medical bills. You get comprehensive coverage for various medical expenses such as pre and post hospitalization, ambulance and domiciliary services. Ken Maynard Insurance Brokers helps you find the most suitable health insurance for your current situation. Our policy plans cover a myriad of health concerns ranging from long-term medical issues to accidental health concerns.

Provincial health plans provide coverage just for basic healthcare expenses and the gaps can have a significant impact on your finances.

You might have to pay for the following depending on the province or territory you live:

Prescription drugs for the treatment of chronic health conditions

Physiotherapists or similar practitioners who help patients with injury recovery or promote wellness

Medical equipment to assist mobility

Dental or vision treatment

Similarly, if you have an employer's insurance, your policy might not cover all your needs. If you are on prescription medication, need physiotherapy sessions or visit your dentist regularly, a private health insurance policy can save you from these expenses.

There are different types of health policies available. You should choose the one relevant to you based on your health conditions.


Have a look at some of the common health insurance policies:

  • Personal Health Insurance – Such plans cover what your provincial health insurance doesn’t cover. You can use it for prescription medicine or specialized doctor coverage

  • Group Health Insurance – Employers generally offer this policy to their employees at a discounted price to what you would pay individually

  • Disability Insurance – This policy applies to those who are no longer able to work due to their disability

  • Critical Illness Insurance – You can apply for this policy after being diagnosed with a critical illness and surviving for a specified period

  • Long Term Care Insurance – Such policies can cover long term care, such as nursing homes

  • Travel Medical Insurance – This policy will cover medical expenses that might occur while you are travelling outside of Canada

Private health insurance policies offer ideal options that you can use to supplement provincial health plans.

The major benefits of buying health insurance policies include:

  • Flexible Affordable Coverage – We ensure your needs are covered by our flexible terms and features of our plans

  • Right Protection – We select insurance plans which suit your budget and lifestyle

  • Comprehensive Coverage – We help you choose from a wide range of policy types such as dental services and prescription drugs

  • Portable Coverage – Our plans are not limited to your employer and will work regardless of your present employe

  • Flexible Payment Options – You can pay your premiums through flexible payment options such as credit cards and direct deposits

  • Income Tax Benefit – Your health insurance premiums are eligible for medical expense deductible as per the Canadian Federal Income Tax Act


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