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Making an Insurance Claim: Everything You Need to Know

With so many types of insurance available, it is important to remember that triggering a claim is a very normal process. Making an insurance claim can be a little daunting the first time you do it. Do you know the steps you need to go through and where to start?

This article will help you with pursuing a claim by explaining everything you need to do. By the end, you should be ready to make a claim with all the information the insurance company might ask for.

Read Your Health Insurance Policy

To make the whole process easier, start by reading through your policy documents. These will be contracts or any other data that details everything your insurance does. You are likely to discover the following:

  • The amount of coverage you receive

  • Any deductibles you need to pay

  • Any other requirements

  • The claim-filing process

Check to see how far after an incident the claim-filing deadline is. This will help you know how fast you need to act.

Collect Any Health Insurance Claim Documents

Before you start your claim, you will need many of the documents you will have accrued and maybe some you have not yet. These are likely to include:

  • Claim forms

  • Professional reports (i.e. doctor or police)

  • Invoices and bills

  • Any other supporting documents

Each of these will make it clear how much the insurance company owes you and acts as proof of a valid claim.

Contact the Health Insurance Provider

Talk to the health insurance provider over the phone to inform them you intend to make a claim. They can then guide you through the exact details of what you will need for your specific situation. They can also act as a point of contact if you can get through to them in the future.

Review the Claim

Check through all the documents you have and ensure the details on them are correct. This is especially true on any claim form you wish to pass to the insurance company. Make sure all details match those on other forms you have, and do not leave anything ambiguous.

Submit the Claim

Send the claim to the provider, either online or through the mail. If you submit it via mail, make sure to only send photocopies where possible and keep hold of any important documents yourself. Also, send it by recorded mail so you can follow it up later if the insurance company does not receive it.

We Make Making an Insurance Claim Easy

Even with all this information at your fingertips, making an insurance claim can be a little daunting. We want to make it easier for you by offering personalized and professional service.

Our brokers are experts in their field and trained in talking to people with any level of insurance knowledge. If you want to know more about what we offer in the Ontario area and how we can make signing up and making a claim easier, get in touch. Call Ken Maynard Insurance Brokers and let us know what type of insurance you need for a stress-free and secure future.


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