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Buy Your Travel Insurance in Woodbridge Before You Leave

Travel insurance offers coverage for any unforeseen travel problems, ranging from cancelled flights to serious illnesses. Travel insurance is your financial buffer just in case an illness, accident, or other covered unforeseen circumstance forces you to cancel or interrupt your travel plans. You need protection from the two most serious potential financial losses for travelers: money invested in nonrefundable pre-payments and medical expenses not covered by regular health insurance. This is why Ken Maynard Insurance Brokers Ltd. offers travel insurance and encourages you to set up the appropriate travel insurance at our Woodbridge office before leaving on your next holiday or adventure.

Match Your Travel Insurance to Your Travel Habits

Just as you live as an individual, your travel habits are personal too. So why not have the flexible travel insurance to accommodate where, how and when you go? As an independent insurance broker, Ken Maynard Insurance Brokers Ltd. works with a variety of insurance providers, giving us the capability of matching the right policies to our unique clients. Whatever your destination inside and beyond Canada or the length of your stay, we can serve your needs, including:

  • Snowbird and seasonal residences

  • Family holidays and single-trip travel

  • Frequent travelling

  • Travel and study abroad

  • Cruises and tours

The Benefits of Travel insurance

Going on a cruise for pleasure or travelling frequently for business, including travel insurance in your preparations is a good idea. Just like you guard against unexpected problems with health and home insurance, take some security with you on the road too. In fact, outside of Canada, your travel insurance often becomes your medical coverage. Customized policies for snowbirds and other travellers generally include coverage for:

  • Emergency medical care

  • Hospitalization and health professional fees

  • Emergency care for dental trauma

  • Emergency air ambulance or commercial flight to home country

Travel insurance offers protection against the possible risks to your personal safety, your possessions, and even your travel plans. Insurance options can cover rare cases such as acts of terrorism or common needs such as travel auto insurance. Here are some of the most important benefits of a standard, affordable travel insurance policy:

  • 24/7 emergency travel assistance

  • Comprehensive trip cancellation coverage

  • Trip interruption coverage

  • Replacement costs for damaged, stolen or lost baggage

  • Personal liability coverage

When and Where Travel Insurance is Required

Some tour companies require you to have travel insurance, no matter where your tour takes you. Always ask when you book your cruise or tour. When you discuss travel insurance in Woodbridge with Ken Maynard Insurance Brokers Ltd., we can also advise you about countries that require Canadian visitors show proof of travel insurance or international medical coverage, such as Cuba, Qatar, Turkey, Antarctica, and countries of the United Arab Emirates. Whether required or not, travel insurance gives you peace of mind.

Visitors and Expatriates in Canada

Do you have non-Canadian family, colleagues or friends who are coming for a short or extended visit to the Toronto area, Ontario or other provinces in Canada? Canada’s famous government health insurance will not cover them, but Ken Maynard Insurance Brokers Ltd. can. Call us for information about travel insurance coverage also available for:

  • Visitors on work visas

  • People waiting for their government health insurance coverage

  • Canadians not eligible for government health insurance

  • Applicants for a super visa

  • Immigrants and expatriates

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