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The Broker for Commercial Insurance Woodbridge Businesses Trust

When it comes to protecting your building, furnishings, inventory and equipment, there's no more trusted firm to deal with for commercial insurance in Woodbridge than Ken Maynard Insurance Brokers Ltd. We offer personalized service and see to the last detail of all your business insurance needs. Our highly trained and experienced representatives make it easy to do business with us, allowing you to spend less time worrying about your coverage and more time concentrating on making profits. You've put a lot of time and money into building your company; make sure it's properly protected. Contact us for a consultation and policy quote today.

Why You Need Insurance to Protect Your Business

Buildings, vehicles, equipment, inventory, employees and clients are all your concerns when you own your own business. Minimize the risk to your financial security, projected profits and organization’s future with commercial insurance. Could your business survive property and revenue loss due to fire or vandalism? Whether you are the sole owner or part of a partnership, do you have a plan for the sale or continuation of your business? With the independence of being your own boss come the responsibilities. Consult with Ken Maynard Insurance Brokers Ltd. about your commercial insurance in Woodbridge. We get the details of your specific insurance needs right to help you preserve and grow your business.

Protection from Financial and Property Loss 

Insurance needs vary greatly from business to business, so it’s smart to consult an insurance broker with the experience to help you analyze your particular company and its risks. No online insurance company can offer that level of service, which you could end up paying for dearly later on. Our broker will take you through the appropriate coverage to protect your assets and earnings from possible emergencies. Your options include:

  • Property insurance to cover your structures and land in cases of destruction or damage
  • Contents insurance to cover replacement of your assets and inventory in your own building or leased premises
  • Vehicle insurance for any vehicles that your business owns or personal vehicles your business uses
  • Accounts receivable or credit insurance for revenue lost from a bankrupt or nonpaying client 
  • Business interruption insurance to cover lost earnings if your business has to close for repairs

Protection for Owners, Partners, Personnel and Clients

You should consider several types of coverage to protect not only your business property but also the people involved, including your own family. Here are some insurance policies to shield them and you from potential risks:

  • Disability insurance if you are unable to work due to an injury or illness
  • Critical illness insurance for a lump sum benefit if you have a critical illness
  • Life insurance to protect your family from liability for your business debts 
  • Partnership insurance or buy-sell insurance in case of the death of a business partner
  • Key person insurance to protect yourself against the loss of employees vital to your operation
  • Employee health insurance packages
  • General liability and product liability insurance to cover injury on your premises or by defective products
  • Professional liability insurance if a client sues you for business errors, omissions or negligence

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